For all your homosexual swamp witch needs.

This game isn't compatible with mobile browsers, sorry about that! 

I wanted to make a game that generated descriptions of me. I succeeded. Now, it can generate descriptions of you too. Clearly at the forefront of name generator technology because what other generator will bring 'dripping nut slime' into your life?

Entered as part of the notGDCJam 2019.

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magical hell puppy 'w'


"Genderfluid prehistoric ent"


my favorites:

"pansexual shadow skeleton"

"skating spider luigi"

"small hell beast"


crystal forest ghost... nailed it


tiny toad hermit is just what i needed to hear...thanks!


Well, i think can be worst (secret graveyard ghost) XD


Crystal lake luigi - yep that's me alright!


oh my god that desciption is peak.