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Very cool tool! Great idea and well executed!

I have two suggestions, in case you are still working on this:

1, it might be nice to have a pronunciation guide to the pronouns. I could definitely use the guidance! XD

2, it feels a bit odd to have Dracula referred to as “a man” even when using a non-masc pronoun. I’m guessing this is probably part of the original text, but replacing it even with “human” could make things much smoother reading.

In all cases, thanks for making this!


Thanks so much! I didn't even notice I'd left 'man' in the Dracula text, I'll edit that as soon as I get the chance.


Thank you for this tool, I think it's a good and useful program!

I was wondering, what method did you use to make all the passages? Is it a find and replace script or something similar? The reason I ask is I've been looking for ways to change the genders, names and pronouns of characters in playscripts.


I used variables, so an example of the code which sets the pronoun to 'they/them' after clicking on the link is:

(link-reveal: "they/them")[(set: $title to "Mx")(set: $psubject to "they")(set: $Psubject to "They")(set: $pobject to "them")(set: $Pobject to "Them")(set: $possessivepro to "theirs")(set: $possessiveadj to "their")(set: $preflexive to "themself")(set: $Possessiveadj to "Their")(go-to: "start")]

And then the actual text before the player chooses a variable looks like this:

"When $psubject reached home, $psubject found $possessiveadj servant waiting up for $pobject."

Oh, you are the one who made the space flags?! That's awesome! I've used them for my desktop background before, they look so cool.

Yes that was me! I'm so glad you liked them :)


Welcome to the end of the world.


The inmates are running the asylum now...  ;-)


This is really fun and interesting, good to practise reading aloud :D

Thank you! :)